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What’s New For Freedom.Mobile?

What’s new for Freedom.Mobile?

Catalina Software will be launching the new version of Freedom.Mobile very soon, internally known as “Apollo”, so what can you expect to see in this new upgrade of our Driver app…

“Drivers can expect to see more features to make their lives easier” says Richard Hardy, Head of Product at Catalina. By working closely with our customers, and from the results of the recent survey we conducted, we have been able to prioritise the factors that will make a difference to everyday driver life.

We have kept the things that our customers love, whilst adding features to improve the convenience customers experience at the tap of a button. Basically Freedom.Mobile has just got better. We have made improvements to the way drivers communicate with both controllers and customers, as well as helping drivers manage their time better.

So, when will it be available I hear you ask? Watch this space, it will be with you very soon and will be a simple update to the existing driver app though the iOS app store and Google Play.

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